YEAH, I want all the cards!

I know, I know. Hasbro did a bad/weird/strange/horrid/evil/universe-ending thing—they printed twelve different collector cards for every legend-class-and-up release in the TRANSFORMERS: POWER OF THE PRIMES toyline and then had the sheer AUDACITY to put only ONE card in each package. Those bastards, et cetera, et cetera.

Wouldn’t it set your mind at ease and warm your cold little heart a bit—just a bit!—knowing that someone saw the challenge of acquiring every damned one of those cards, completing that collection, having it all in one place…and said…well…

But who do you know that’s brave enough to accomplish such an undertaking? Who’s got that sort of determination?

Geez, who is that slagging NUTS?

Hi. My name is Defensis Prime, and I’m a frickin’ lunatic.

And like any Prime, I can use your help.

But I’m not just going to ask or beg you to send your POWER OF THE PRIMES cards to me—nope, that’s an inertia issue I’d never overcome. I also don’t wanna merely throw money at the problem—if I’d wanted to go that route, I’d’ve cleaned out every retailer in my vicinity that carried wave one and onward, torqued off a fair number of the local collectors, and filled a VERY large space in my house in short order…or worse, were I one of those bad Primes—the ones you read about in the funny books that IDW puts on shelves–I’d do a lot of very unethical and incomplete returns. No thanks, say I, to that latter idea—besides being wrong, it’d just be embarrassing to be caught, and I’m no fan of feeling like a scrapheap.

Nah, I had what I hope you, dear reader-and-collector, will agree is a better idea. Or at least a bit more fun.

I thought I’d commission a good friend of mine to do some customs and have some prize drawings.

Ah, hang on—I see you turning away. Maybe the name of the friend will pique your interest.

Shawn Tessmann, late of the customization classes at BotCon from 2006 all the way to the final show, and most recently a supplier of some of the concept pieces that were on display and given away at Pete’s RoboCon in 2017, has graciously agreed to do me some solids for this little project. I, of course, am supplying funds and materials or otherwise assisting as necessary in exchange. Happy to do it.

The procedure is simple enough. I will have a chart on this site showing the cards I have or do not have. If you have a POTP collector card or cards that I do not have and you’re willing to part with them for shots at any of the customs Shawn creates, use the entry form to send your name, address, and the identities of the cards you intend to send, and I will respond as quickly as possible with instructions, and provisionally mark the spot/s on the chart as pending. When I receive the cards in good condition, BOOM, you have that many entries.

Further details are up in the FAQ, but that’s the gist of it. When the POWER OF THE PRIMES card set is complete, or a bit of time after the toyline is no longer readily found at retail and I have to come to the stark realization that I’ll have to hunt the remainders down…by myself…alone…(sniff)…the drawings will be held and winners announced; soon after that, the winners will get to brag a little about ‘sticking it to Hasbro’* AND getting a sweet custom outta the deal.

*Small victories. Very small. We all DID still buy the toys, after all.

So. Interested? Love this plan? Excited to be a part of it? Then let’s do it!


Oh. “What customs are we trying to win?“ Yeah, that seems like an important question—too important to bury in the FAQ. WHICH YOU REALLY SHOULD READ. FOR REASONS. TAKE A HINT.

Well, here’s the thing. I wanted this to be a LITTLE more interactive, when all is said and done, than a mere drawing. Don’t get me wrong—as of this moment, I have three planned and committed. If interest seems to demand it, I intend to add more, so long as Shawn has the time (man’s gotta work, y’know). I also didn’t want to commit to anything which may be decent-to-strong possibilities for release from Hasbro or TakaraTomy as special editions or exclusives, the apparent low likelihood of such releases notwithstanding. (I really want G2 Dinobots…) When those possibilities seem to diminish as the toyline winds down, they could certainly be revisited. But for the moment—and here is where the ‘interactive’ bit becomes clear–the three to which I’ve committed are:


I have an idea for a fourth item put forward, but ‘doing it right’ may involve something that Shawn hasn’t done before, so we’re gonna hash out its feasibility before I really commit to it. But as you can see, SG OP is an immediate go, whereas YOU, the lucky winners of the Seeker prizes, will work with Shawn Tessmann on either choosing a pre-existing Seeker color design or an entirely new design based on the back-and-forth communication the two of you will have…though, really, if the both of you winners want Thundercracker, we’re probably not gonna say no, but I really do hope the DESIGN A SEEKER winner will take the opportunity to get crazy wacko bananas and assist in creating something very much one-of-a-kind. There were some very excellent and amazing ‘off-plan’ jobs done in the BotCon customization classes over the years, and if nothing else, I’d very much enjoy seeing a similar work created for you.

Please bear in mind, however, that there are limitations to what Shawn will be willing and able to do, especially when it comes to things like nylon parts, which will not take paint well. We want to do our best to put a still-transformable toy in your hands, and nobody wants to see things like paint flaking off a part because it wouldn’t stick. Shawn will talk you through it and work to make something with which both of you are likely to be happy.

(Maybe don’t play with them outside, though. I mean, I wouldn’t, but you do you, I guess.)

Shawn will also be providing some progress pictures, which I’ll post to this site, just to keep your interest and show that this is NOT A HOAX, NOT A DREAM–but cold, hard reality.

Finally, some more damned unlocks…

…namely Cindersaur, Outback, and Novastar. Only awaiting the acquisitions of Wreck-Gar and Optimal Optimus to be rid of the last of the red lines on the Chart of the Cards. Still breathing a somewhat disappointed sigh of relief that Nemesis Prime didn’t have cards and all Throne of the Prime units had the same card. That’s right–disappointed yet relieved. Dichotomous, I know.

In other news–or lack thereof–there have only been four votes in the poll for the next custom prize. You miserable flesh creatures disappoint me. Really, even if you don’t wind up with a horse in this race, you still wanna see somethin’ cool, don’tcha? Cast a vote OR I’LL PICK SOMETHING MYSELF BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA–‘scuse me.

TerRAAAAHRcons Unlocked

Apologies to any denizens of Fond du Lac, WI, buuuuuuut either there’s still half a case to be brought out or someone nailed their own trio beforehand–doesn’t matter; I picked your Walmart clean. Enjoy the drive north. < / jerk>

Blot, Sinnertwin, and Cutthroat have been unlocked…and if you’ll have a look at the updated Chart of the Cards, perhaps you’ll be able to figure out what it is I’m planning.

Shouldn’t be terribly difficult to suss…

Frickin’ Inferno…

…yes, you’re nice and all, annalotta customizers are gonna remove your heads and replace ’em with the ones from Hot Spot for a super-simple Fire Chief/Guard City go, but dammit, I should not be finding you with disgusting ease when I have yet to see a single Elita-1 or Hun-Gurrr out in the wilds of brick-&-mortar retail.

Your presence vexes me so…oh, and THANX THE MUCHLY for bringing your pal Grimmy along for the ride, we REALLY NEEDED MORE OF HIM ABSOLUTELY INDEED.

go stand in the corner of my shelves and don’t waste time imagining anyone else is gonna get plugged into your sockets


(ahem) So, yeah, Inferno is unlocked for submission.


i hope people guard city the hell outta him   /jerk

Quick Update 001

…right, ‘cus there’ll ever be A HUNDRED such updates…well, maybe I shouldn’t assume…mmf.

Just found my first Rodimus Unicronus a short time ago, and have another one coming in the mail. In a derptastic sort of celebration, I’m not just unlocking his cards for entry–Rodimus Unicronus is a FREE-FOR-ALL. ALL Rodimus Unicronus cards are eligible for entry, whether or not I have aalready secured a copy of the one you send. The Chart of the Cards has been updated to reflect this, instead of tracking my gets & needs for Roddy-U. This is currently limited to Rodimus Unicronus only, but with the distribution this line is seeing…who knows, I may pull this dumb PAAARRR-TYYY stunt with another release in-future.

I’ve picked up SHATTERED GLASS OPTIMUS PRIME from Shawn today; the finishing touches (the stickers) have been applied. Watch for a pic later today or this weekend, if a ballgame or the backyard grillin’ isn’t taking all your attention.

Where I Type Words But Everyone Just Looks At Pictures

Which is understandable, I suppose. Frankly, I should’ve done the something something darksyde (heh) riff with this post. I could type nonsense, go all ipsum lorem, begin a grossly thorough play-by-play of the Brewers game I’m attending this very second, or write a fifty-three page screed on the value of multiversal singularities to the Transformers universe and why everyone who complained about ’em are puppykickers who hate fun–but nope, you’re here for the photos.

Asfbjgrsthmdfhksfjhkfhdthcbfhsmmmgjmsfhdvcndgnsorry ANYWAY PHOTOS.

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My chest…my bloody chest…

I’d like to think that every time Shattered Glass Optimus Prime selects a new slogan to pair with a new body, he paints each new motto onto his frame using the curdled Energon of fallen Decepticons and/or any Autobot that’s pissed him off enough to warrant execution.

I mean, if you’re gonna badguy, badguy RIGHT, right?


We’ll, uh, just continue to fail to question why he tags himself in English when he hasn’t so much as stepped foot on Earth. Nope. We’ve had multiple chances to do so; we’re gonna zip our lips and shut the hell up about it.

…his penmanship is atrocious.

One of these things is not like the other…

…one of these things is a head.


These panels, as shown above, aren’t even done yet. Shawn suggested a further improvement, and I was loathe to change the way they look, but I think we’ll all agree it was the right call, when next they’re seen.

–right, right, there’s a head there, too. Nice, huh?

With the further news on Nemesis Prime being revealed in the past handful of days, I really wish we had access to its ‘Pax’ head for this project for no other reason than it’s more Optronix than Orion.

Could always dremel Orion’s mouth off…probably not.