Where I Type Words But Everyone Just Looks At Pictures

Which is understandable, I suppose. Frankly, I should’ve done the something something darksyde (heh) riff with this post. I could type nonsense, go all ipsum lorem, begin a grossly thorough play-by-play of the Brewers game I’m attending this very second, or write a fifty-three page screed on the value of multiversal singularities to the Transformers universe and why everyone who complained about ’em are puppykickers who hate fun–but nope, you’re here for the photos.

Asfbjgrsthmdfhksfjhkfhdthcbfhsmmmgjmsfhdvcndgnsorry ANYWAY PHOTOS.


Ha, like I’m gonna start with the mechanoid form first. Nuh-uh.

I think the driver-side hinge is fine and Shawn just set it down and failed to notice to put it back into position before snapping the photo. (I have my doubts that the winner is gonna keep it in this mode much, in any case, and like any custom that involves a full-body paintjob, lots and lots of transformation isn’t recommended.) He also identified some rub points and fixed ’em.


I barely see any point to typing more, at this point–d’you?


…’sides, he looks irritated, like I’ve already typed too much.

Sinister-lookin’ bastard, ain’t he.


Looks good in a group, huh? (Noooo, you’re not winning any of the other ones, don’t even ask.)

Purple Autobot symbols are coming courtesy of CapturedPrey, natch. Couldn’t very well let him go without, could we? But for those, Optimus Prime is FINISHED–OVER! If you want a crack at winning him (or one of the other customs) so you can pose him (or one of the other customs) oh-so-menacingly on your shelves (or ON one of the other customs–and I have now run this joke into the ground, I am aware), have a read of the FAQ, check out the Chart of the Cards to see which POWER OF THE PRIMES cards I need, then head over to the Entry Page to submit and get the ball rolling.

Take a nanoklik to vote in the poll, too, and help pick a fourth custom for me to commission and give away like a madbot.



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