My chest…my bloody chest…

I’d like to think that every time Shattered Glass Optimus Prime selects a new slogan to pair with a new body, he paints each new motto onto his frame using the curdled Energon of fallen Decepticons and/or any Autobot that’s pissed him off enough to warrant execution.

I mean, if you’re gonna badguy, badguy RIGHT, right?


We’ll, uh, just continue to fail to question why he tags himself in English when he hasn’t so much as stepped foot on Earth. Nope. We’ve had multiple chances to do so; we’re gonna zip our lips and shut the hell up about it.

…his penmanship is atrocious.

One of these things is not like the other…

…one of these things is a head.


These panels, as shown above, aren’t even done yet. Shawn suggested a further improvement, and I was loathe to change the way they look, but I think we’ll all agree it was the right call, when next they’re seen.

–right, right, there’s a head there, too. Nice, huh?

With the further news on Nemesis Prime being revealed in the past handful of days, I really wish we had access to its ‘Pax’ head for this project for no other reason than it’s more Optronix than Orion.

Could always dremel Orion’s mouth off…probably not.

It’s an update. No, really.

SFTM Update 01

Aw, but at least ol’ one-eye still gets to do the cataloging and labeling, right? Those are the FUN parts!

Had a couple of pics from Shawn for a few days–only got around to doin’, uh, SOMEthing with them just now. He’s further along than this, I’m given to understand, but I’m gonna PART (ha!) ’em out over a stretch.

He graciously grabbed a Shockwave for this purpose…and now he’s probably wondering if accepting money from a wacko for customs was smart.

I’m worried that I’m gonna do MORE of these…

Y’see What Happens?

I go and unlock four reluctantly and then I find some of ’em the very next day. The universe playing dumb jokes on me…I’ve come to expect that, honestly.

I think I liked the previous version of Tailgate so much that I forgot he was in wave 2 legends with the Duocon doofuses. In any case, he’s unlocked, too.

Still on the hunt for wave 2 voyagers (as well as Rodimus Unicronus, but I’m not unlocking him yet. Two of that one are going in my collection, and I REALLY don’t wanna limit myself, considering that I’ve yet to see ONE.)

Unlocks Inbound

Against my better judgment–mostly ‘cus someone jumped the gun a bit–I’m unlocking Battleslash, Roadtrap, Elita-1, and Hun-Gurrr for submission. I don’t have ’em yet, they’re taking their sweet time being stocked around here, but…whatever. Go nuts. I’ll just haveta take extra care when getting my own.

POLL: Next SFTM Custom Prize

So maybe Shattered Glass Optimus Prime isn’t your thing. Maybe you’ve got an inexplicable hate-on for the Starscream mold. Or maaaaybe you just wanna get into my brain module and influence my choices. ‘Kay. Here’s your chance to do just that. Answer the poll and, if you don’t see something that grabs your attention but you’ve got another idea, pitch it at me. If there’s one that really would get you scurrying to the post office to send some cards my way, put it in the ‘Other’ option and by all means, talk it up in the comments on this post–see if you can’t sway the opinions of others viewing this poll. If there’s a clear frontrunner after a few weeks or so–and once the number of cards received for entry gets to fifty–I’ll add it to the prize pile and hork up what’s needed to get it made. Think of it like you would an unlock on Kickstarter or something.