POLL: Next SFTM Custom Prize

So maybe Shattered Glass Optimus Prime isn’t your thing. Maybe you’ve got an inexplicable hate-on for the Starscream mold. Or maaaaybe you just wanna get into my brain module and influence my choices. ‘Kay. Here’s your chance to do just that. Answer the poll and, if you don’t see something that grabs your attention but you’ve got another idea, pitch it at me. If there’s one that really would get you scurrying to the post office to send some cards my way, put it in the ‘Other’ option and by all means, talk it up in the comments on this post–see if you can’t sway the opinions of others viewing this poll. If there’s a clear frontrunner after a few weeks or so–and once the number of cards received for entry gets to fifty–I’ll add it to the prize pile and hork up what’s needed to get it made. Think of it like you would an unlock on Kickstarter or something.

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