Quick Update 001

…right, ‘cus there’ll ever be A HUNDRED such updates…well, maybe I shouldn’t assume…mmf.

Just found my first Rodimus Unicronus a short time ago, and have another one coming in the mail. In a derptastic sort of celebration, I’m not just unlocking his cards for entry–Rodimus Unicronus is a FREE-FOR-ALL. ALL Rodimus Unicronus cards are eligible for entry, whether or not I have aalready secured a copy of the one you send. The Chart of the Cards has been updated to reflect this, instead of tracking my gets & needs for Roddy-U. This is currently limited to Rodimus Unicronus only, but with the distribution this line is seeing…who knows, I may pull this dumb PAAARRR-TYYY stunt with another release in-future.

I’ve picked up SHATTERED GLASS OPTIMUS PRIME from Shawn today; the finishing touches (the stickers) have been applied. Watch for a pic later today or this weekend, if a ballgame or the backyard grillin’ isn’t taking all your attention.

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