Finally, some more damned unlocks…

…namely Cindersaur, Outback, and Novastar. Only awaiting the acquisitions of Wreck-Gar and Optimal Optimus to be rid of the last of the red lines on the Chart of the Cards. Still breathing a somewhat disappointed sigh of relief that Nemesis Prime didn’t have cards and all Throne of the Prime units had the same card. That’s right–disappointed yet relieved. Dichotomous, I know.

In other news–or lack thereof–there have only been four votes in the poll for the next custom prize. You miserable flesh creatures disappoint me. Really, even if you don’t wind up with a horse in this race, you still wanna see somethin’ cool, don’tcha? Cast a vote OR I’LL PICK SOMETHING MYSELF BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA–‘scuse me.

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