Frickin’ Inferno…

…yes, you’re nice and all, annalotta customizers are gonna remove your heads and replace ’em with the ones from Hot Spot for a super-simple Fire Chief/Guard City go, but dammit, I should not be finding you with disgusting ease when I have yet to see a single Elita-1 or Hun-Gurrr out in the wilds of brick-&-mortar retail.

Your presence vexes me so…oh, and THANX THE MUCHLY for bringing your pal Grimmy along for the ride, we REALLY NEEDED MORE OF HIM ABSOLUTELY INDEED.

go stand in the corner of my shelves and don’t waste time imagining anyone else is gonna get plugged into your sockets


(ahem) So, yeah, Inferno is unlocked for submission.


i hope people guard city the hell outta him   /jerk

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